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Coach Hire Edinburgh

Coach Hire Edinburgh to Leicester

Coach Hire Edinburgh to Leicester

Many service providers are offering transport, but at Coach Hire Edinburgh, we offer more than transport. We provide current coaches that come with all the modern amenities to meet the traveler of today at his very point of need. Are you traveling as a business person with a group of colleagues from Edinburgh to Leicester?

Our coaches have free Wi-Fi and even come with electric power sockets for your electronics. You can charge your phone and laptop during the trip and continue working in the comfort of your seat as our competent driver takes you safely to your destination.

Coach Hire Edinburgh charter coaches have large windows that give you an unobstructed view of the places we drive through. The seats which are of soft leather also recline to your most comfortable angle, with enough room for your legs that you ride in utmost comfort. There is also air-conditioning that will regulate the air which is refreshed every so often to make sure you breathe only clean air. A switch above your seat allows you to control the heat that comes to you for your comfort level.

There are restrooms aboard for your convenience. Audio and video systems are also provided for entertainment. Coach Hire Edinburgh fleet of luxurious coaches for hire is priced at rates that are friendly to the pocket. We offer discount prices as we appreciate that ferrying a large number of people at a time can be strenuous to your finances. Traveling in a group on one coach is much more economical than say taking a flight or driving private cars all the way to Leicester from Edinburgh.

We care for our environment. It is the only one we have, and we go the extra mile to make sure our coaches are compliant with the most recent trends to keep our environment clean. Imagine how many emissions a motorcade ferrying say 50 people on a road stretch of almost 400 Km would release into the environment. Now imagine traveling on a single coach that can take 96 passengers and is fuel efficient enough to release minimal toxic carbon emissions. Our coaches are green and are more than 80% fuel efficient as compared to a personal car.

Corporate travel is no longer what it used to be. Even if a corporate body can easily pay the fares, faced with the increased concerns of airline security, travel by road has become the default mode of choice. There is a good reason why most companies are turning to Coach Hire Edinburgh to handle the transportation needs.

The design of our coaches is such that the vehicle is safe on the road day or night. The interior offers high-class comfort that one can continue working undisturbed just like they were in the office. The fridge, washroom and Wi-Fi connection, electric power sockets for phones and laptops complete the office on wheels effect.

Visit our website and fill in the booking form, giving all the details of your upcoming travel plans and we shall take care of the rest. Do not forget to state your dates and times of departure from both Edinburgh and Leicester if you are planning a return trip. You can also contact Coach Hire Edinburgh by phone to talk to our friendly front office staff.

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