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Coach Tours Edinburgh - Events

Coach Tours Edinburgh - Events

Edinburgh is a sports friendly city given the many complexes decorating the town. Football is a significant game in Edinburgh as it hosts three professional teams that call the capital home. Tynecastle is home to Heart of Midlothian FC while Edinburgh City FC plays at Meadowbank Stadium near Arthur's seat. Easter Road located in Leith Hibernian FC. There are also beautiful venues for weddings and corporate functions among others.

Whether you are attending the match as players or fans out to support your favorite team, we facilitate formidable transport solutions in and around Edinburgh. We offer airport transfer services. Once you check out, you will find our driver waiting for you. If it is your first time, we can arrange for a meet and greet service that will make you feel at home immediately.

Nothing is exciting about hanging around the airport waiting for transport to your destination from a long hours flight. We will save you from all that as we ensure we do not keep you waiting. Immediately you confirm that we are your choice of transport, we work with your itinerary to provide you a smooth experience.

Our vehicles are not only in the best condition to handle all road surfaces, but they are also immaculate both inside and outside. We have an in-house technical team that facilitates maintenance and service of the carriers. The car engineers are well versed with various car models and have the right and modern equipment to facilitate precise diagnosis of all the vehicles. They ensure each unit is fit for the road at any given time giving our clients quality rides.

Since travelers present different needs even when traveling as a group, we are flexible and very accommodating. We have specialized units for passengers on wheelchairs. If you have a baby pram and wish to bring along the little one in their comfort zone, let us know in advance. It is crucial to keep the small ones safe in car seats or boosters.

We appreciate that with the limited weight allowed in planes when traveling you may have to leave behind this life saver. With adequate notice, we will facilitate these essential accessories. Let us know any other thing that may maximize your comfort, like extra pillows among others.

Apart from discounted rates we give time and again, we have free complimentary services. You may have had a busy schedule that you did not get a chance to book accommodation. Or you just don't know enough about Edinburgh and wish to have someone guide you. We will do all these for free. You will need to give us the details and your preference.

Our many years in the field has made us form excellent working relationships with the other players in the field. You stand to benefit from the friendly packages that we get from our colleagues in the industry. Our rates are very competitive, and you do not need to worry about annoying surprises like high bills after consuming services. Our rates are standard, and you can even pay in advance.

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