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Coach Hire Edinburgh

Coach Hire Edinburgh to Newcastle

Coach Hire Edinburgh to Newcastle

Are you planning a day out with your staff, the beach at Newcastle would do wonders but from you do not want to drive? Not to worry, a call to Coach Hire Edinburgh will solve all your travelling issues leaving you ample time to concentrate on other more pressing matters and also time to relax.

We make coach travel services our business. When you need to transport any number in a group, from Edinburgh, look no further. Come to us and let us organise the trip, whether it be the same day or next day return. Should you be spending any number of nights in Newcastle, we shall organise food and accommodation too, so all you have to do is show up on the set date and time.

The fleet of coaches run by Coach Hire Edinburgh come in various sizes. You can get a 4-seat or an 83-seat coach. The bigger the coach, the more extra facilities it has. The larger coaches, for example, come with fitted washroom and toilet. They also have a drink serving area and a fridge. A microwave is also available for warming food.

All our executive coaches come with WiFi and electric points for charging the electronics you may carry with you. If you take the smaller 4-passenger coach, you may hire the services of a chauffeur, or you can hire a self-drive one. The self-drive might cost a little bit more as issues of insurance and will be different from one driven by company staff.

Storage on our coaches is adequate, but, if it is not, like in the case of the small 4-seat coach, we do offer to attach a trailer for the purpose of making sure you do not have to leave any luggage behind. Bigger coaches have storage in the boot as well as on the inside racks.

For entertainment, Coach Hire Edinburgh has installed DVD and stereo players. Curtains or blinds also provide added shelter from sunlight and glare. Satellite Navigation System monitored tracking system keeps our coaches in sight all the time, day or night. The tracking allows the company to know if a driver changes route or drives irresponsibly on the road. In the event a breakdown occurs when on transit, the tracking system allows the driver to call for assistance. Helpers are also able to pinpoint the exact location where the coach is stranded.

Our highly qualified team of staff works very closely with our customers as well as among themselves, allowing Coach Hire Edinburgh be one of the most sought after coach travel service providers. You can quickly locate our staff even in a crowd as they dress neatly always in company colours and have name tags pinned to the front of their uniform or on a chain.

You can book a Coach Hire Edinburgh coach online or by calling our office. Please leave us feedback on our website at the end of your trip. The feedback helps us to know what you, our customers, would like us to improve on in our service delivery to you.

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