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Coach Hire Edinburgh

Coach Hire Edinburgh to Sheffield

Coach Hire Edinburgh to Sheffield

Driving down south, a total of roughly 255 miles or 411 KM to Sheffield London from Edinburgh Scotland takes almost 5 hours. It is a lovely way to travel especially if you ride a luxury coach with a group of friends. The fact that you are being driven allows you to relax and enjoy the calm and peace as you shuttle through the countryside taking in the view nature has to offer. Coach Hire Edinburgh offers the best choice in luxury and comfort when it comes to travelling by road.

Comfort is dished out in big doses on our coaches starting with the soft, leather seats, fitted with either lab or 3 point seat belts. The seats also come with a reclining mechanism for those moments when you want a shut eye as you glide blissfully on your way. A well-fitted WC is available too to complete the caring experience you enjoy under our care reserved for our clients.

For your personal entertainment, our coaches have a full Specification Multimedia entertainment unit installation that has an overhead television monitor, DVD and stereo sound system allowing you to privately enjoy a movie or two or play favourite music. You can also control the temperatures in your personal space by switching on or off the overhead heat. At night you may put off the light overhead also or leave it on if you prefer to read. The comfort inside our coaches makes you feel like you are on a plane.

At Coach Hire Edinburgh, we have stepped up our game a notch or two in a bid to separate ourselves from the rest of the pack. That is why in offering amenities that come with our coaches, we put ourselves in your place and think of all the amenities you would need on a long journey. We have fitted our coaches with power plugs, USB plugs, and complimentary Wi-Fi for accessible internet. You can also keep in constant contact with the outside world, your office including family and friends and by sending them pictures you take en-route, they can share with you the excitement of the journey.

There is also a generous baggage storage offered by overhead for sensitive bags and in the boot for more general baggage. We believe this list though not exhaustive gives the picture of just a part of our service provision for your enjoyment as our esteemed passenger.

All staff members at Coach Hire Edinburgh wear smart uniforms and name tags for easy identification. Our drivers are highly skilled with many years experience driving luxury coaches. A group of dedicated and highly professional engineers labours tirelessly to keep our coaches in top form using the latest in technology. Passenger safety and comfort is something with which we do not gamble.

The road trip to Sheffield from Edinburgh whether return or one way will be an experience of a lifetime when you choose to use our coaches. It is always a pleasure to serve our customers so please give us a call. You may also visit Coach Hire Edinburgh website to get more information on our services. There is a qualified customer relations staff ready to chat with you online or on phone and answer any queries you may have.

Do not stress; anytime you need to ferry a group of people from Edinburgh to Sheffield, there is only one place to go in Edinburgh, and that is Coach Hire Edinburgh.

Welcome aboard, we are glad you have chosen to ride with us.

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