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Coach Hire Edinburgh

Edinburgh is Scotland's capital city located in Lothian on the Firth of Fourth's southern shore. The town is the second most populous city and the seventh most populous in the United Kingdom. The city has been the center of education particularly in the field of medicine, literature, sciences, Scots law and engineering.

There is plenty to enjoy and explore in Edinburgh including colorful festivals throughout the year, shopping, outdoor fun and activities, nights out and art galleries. The historical sites and cultural events have made Edinburgh the second most popular tourist destinations after London with over one million visitors every year. To get you to some of these attractions spots you need a reliable transport provider company.

Edinburgh Coach Hire

No matter the nature of your visit, be sure to find an entire fleet that suits your needs and budget. Our services are available for day's excursion trips, short and long term travel arrangements with advanced and immediate bookings.

We cater for various events such as airport transfers, tour and travel, educational trips, business travels and much more. We have a wide array of packages that meet different tastes and preferences required by the customers. We have an excellent customer service team taking you through our quotations and explain in details what entails the particular package you choose.

Fleet Of Coaches For All

For new visitors, we help in the booking procedure and give you ample time to compare our rates with other transport companies before making your decision. We have a broad range of fleet accommodating up to 65 passengers in a single coach. All our vehicles arrive in the latest Ford model with an appealing exterior and interior design.

Also, the coaches come with air conditioning system, refreshments, adjustable seats, onboard bathrooms, and music entertainment system. Whether you opt for executive vehicles or the standard fleet, be sure to travel in style and comfort.

Our coaches come in perfect condition, and none of our fleets is more than 5 years old assuring you of a non-interrupted journey. We run maintenance on a regular basis, from our garage conducted by a professional mechanical team qualified for the task. Our company takes safety measures very seriously. We meet the CRB checks required of us by the state before receiving the clearance certificates.

Also, we ensure all coaches arrive with seat belts, insurance policy and emergency kits which are mandatory. Our drivers adhere to the traffic rules revised in the Law and keep up with speed marked on the differentroads. With families traveling with young children to The Museum of Childhood or Edinburgh Zoo, we provide baby seats upon request. Alternatively, the driver activates the child lock system for ultimate safety measures.

Expert Coach Drivers

Besides our top notch services, we have an excellent team of drivers delivering quality and prompt services. Our drivers are friendly, and you will find them neatly dressed with name badges. They are familiar with the roads in the town enabling them to seek alternative route when faced with traffic. Their customer's service is outstanding, and they treat all our clients with the respect they deserve.

We offer chauffeured travel services for private events including family birthday parties, wedding occasions, graduation parties and much more. The vehicles come with the free internet allowing clients check on the emails and power sockets for charging mobile phones and tablets.

Also, for customers traveling with luggage, our coaches arrive with ample storage space for bulk luggage and overhead compartments for personal items. Our aim is providing excellent services beyond the customer's expectation and giving you value for the money spent.

To make a booking, visit our website or give us a call. Thank you for choosing our services.

Minibus Hire with Driver

For athletes, Edinburgh hosts many games and tournaments in her picturesque venues and stadiums that well spread across the town. The city is home to Meadowbank Stadium, Heart of Midlothian FC and Edinburgh City FC. Edinburgh Corn Exchange, Powerleague, Ainsley Park and the Meadows are great venues for casual football. Here you can enjoy 5s, 7s and 11 aside football games.

Apart from football, which is big in Scotland, ice hockey which runs between September and March is a unique game in Scotland. Rugby fans can also catch up with the Edinburgh Rugby at BT Murrayfield Stadium.

Easy Minibus Hire

Minibus Hire Edinburgh is famous among sports lovers who travel to Edinburgh. We adhere to all transport and traffic requirements by the law to ensure safe operations. As most of the authorities that oversee transportation companies require, we are duly registered and licensed to operate. Our units come with speed regulators hence cannot exceed the stipulated speed limits.

We understand the fundamental role drivers play in the industry and go an extra mile to handpick the best. Our recruitment process is rigorous. Apart from the official credentials required to be on the road, we look out for the soft skills in every individual. Our team behind the wheels is made up of extremely friendly people, who are also very professional.

Our drivers' knowledge of Edinburgh is impressive as they are residents. A ride with them will leave you educated in every area you visit. You will also spend the least possible time on the road as they use the shortest and most convenient routes. We can advise on best places to visit as well as the rates and the best times to visit. After admission on board, the drivers undergo a customer care, first aids skills, and defensive driving training. All these is to ensure that you get quality service.

If you are looking for maximum adventure and a time to let your hair down with people you know, our self drive service will be a great option. We provide you with a car, and you or a member of your team can drive. You will need to proof that the suggested driver is competent and authorised to drive. We will then avail a carrier at your most convenient and preferred location.

Fully Maintained Vehicles

We have a very keen team that is in charge of the maintenance of the vehicle. After every trip, our units undergo a rigorous check using the most sophisticated equipment. If any anomaly presents itself, the engineers attend to it immediately. Our technicians service the vehicles on a regular basis as per the manufacturers advise. Though we have never had a car stalling incident or accident, we have a roadside emergency team on standby just in case it happens.

Our fleet range is extensive. You will get something that fits your needs and budget. For extra luxury, you can book our prestige units. They have fancy extras to give you maximum comfort. With toilets on board, refrigerators to keep your drinks cold, leather reclining seats, among many others, your trip is an adventure distance notwithstanding. We can match your theme color if you are having a wedding or corporate event. All these at a ridiculously fair price. However, a small budget should not deter you from riding with us. Our standard minibuses are very comfortable and in excellent condition.

From your most convenient location, just log on to our site and book. We encourage you to share your itinerary in advance so that we can prepare a unit just for you. Any special requests? Let us know at the point of booking. Coach Hire Edinburgh has the best rates in town.

Our Services In Edinburgh

Coach Hire Edinburgh have worked tirelessly over the years offering top notch transport services to the people of Edinburgh and beyond. Entrust us with your transport needs and we shall perform beyond your expectation. We pride ourselves with a team of experienced and well trained drivers who understand what it means to value our customers.

We always recruit from the best. Before enrolling our drivers to work with us, we conduct a thorough background check on them with state agencies. Therefore, choosing us means you are in safe hands.

Experienced Minibus Drivers

Apart from basic customer care training, our drivers are also trained in fast aid and can handle emergencies that may arise. Whenever you are traveling with us, be sure they will always keep time and ensure you get to your destination on time.

At Coach Hire Edinburgh, we have invested in a fleet of vehicles to handle different types of people and groups. For people traveling in small groups, you will have a broad range of vehicles to choose from. Our minibuses have different sitting capacities.

Once you have given us the total number of people expected to travel, we shall be glad to give you a minibus within your capacity. Our duty as a company is to ensure you use a vehicle that will be utilised fully; not overloaded or under booked.

Smooth Travel Planning

If you are planning on visiting any part of Edinburgh or beyond, we will deliver transport services that will make you content. For customers traveling for a team building event, we will offer you our coaches. They are equipped to handle large groups of people and guarantee comfort and luxury throughout your journey.

If you are planning on attending an investor's meeting, let transport services be the least of your concerns. We offer customer-tailored transport services that suit your needs. You can book any of our luxury minibuses to take you to all your meetings and even around town for a relaxing evening after a long day in meetings. We have no limitations on the mileages we can cover to ensure we meet all your transport needs.

Once you give us your itinerary, we will fit in your program and ensure your stay in town is comfortable. In case you are not sure of the places you intend to visit, we will be glad to offer tour guide services at no extra cost. Just give us the name, and we will chauffeur you around.

Luxurious Minibuses & Coaches

All our vehicles have a touch of luxury and style. We have added extras that will make your journey worthwhile and more enjoyable. We have free WIFI in all our vehicles. Therefore, you can enjoy surfing for free while on board. If you are a big team, you can even enjoy a meeting while on the move and prepare your presentations hence saving you time.

For all your entertainment needs, all our vehicles have top of the range DVD players with a wide selection of music to choose from. We have a variety of music from all genres to ensure we offer inclusive entertainment to all our customers. All you have is to select the music that suits your group and enjoy the beats.

Travelling can leave you dehydrated due to the heat and high temperatures. To ensure you enjoy your journey, we have coolers in all our fleets for your drinks. You do not have to put up with warm drinks in hot weather. Just place them in the coolers and quench your thirst during the journey.

Spacious Vehicles For Travellers

We have also taken care of your entire luggage. Once on board, you will find ample overhead storage space for your luggage. Whether you have the conventional type of luggage or the very delicate items, we have you covered. Yours is to board the vehicle and enjoy peace of mind.

At Coach Hire Edinburgh, we understand your need to stay connected throughout the journey. To make it possible for you to enjoy uninterrupted connectivity, we have power sockets in all our vehicles. Therefore, you do not have to worry that the battery will run out. Just plug in your charger and enjoy uninterrupted conversations and updates from your friends and family.

To give you a cozy and warm feeling while riding with us, we have overhead heaters. You can switch them on and enjoy the warmth especially if you are traveling at night or during the cold season. For extra comfort or to catch a nap, all the seats have a reclining functionality to allow you adjust to the level that suits you. They also come in soft leather materials to ensure you do not experience any discomfort during the journey.

Do these services sound exciting to you? Would you like to sample our services and experience the best transport services coupled with excellent customer service? Then make your booking with Coach Hire Edinburgh for a taste of world's best transport services.

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