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17 Seater Minibus Hire Edinburgh And 18 Seat Minibus Hire

17 Seater 18 Seat Edinburgh Minibus Hire

Our 17 seater minibus hire and 18 minibus hire are available for those special trips to the wedding or sadly to a funeral. These extra special coaches are very popular with senior citizen homes as well as churches. Are you looking for a bus to take your group of pre-school children for a visit to the Edinburgh zoo or some senior citizens for a day at the beach? Coach Hire Edinburgh has quite the minibus for the job.

All our minibuses have comprehensive insurance, and all certifications and licenses are available for inspection at our offices. We have installed a satellite monitoring system on our coaches that allow us to trace the movement, the speed and the location of the vehicle at any time. This security measure also ensures that our drivers are cautious how they behave because they realise they are under scrutiny always.

The coach comes with a driver who is well trained to serve the both the very young and the elderly with courteously and diligently. The height of the minibuses allows for both categories of these special passengers to board and disembark with no issues at all. If need be, we do have minibuses with a ramp for use with a wheelchair.

When booking the minibus, please inform the agent assisting you what the individual needs of your passengers are if any, so that the most appropriate coach is set aside for your use. The air conditioning allows for comfortable climate control inside. There are seat belts, both 3 point and lap variety on our soft leather seats.

Overhead TV screen and DVD players give our clients an opportunity to watch a movie in comfort during the trip. Those who feel like relaxing lying down, our seats can tilt back, allowing for a more comfortable position. The big windows give a view of the passing countryside and buildings in a panorama.

As a client hiring our coaches, you are at liberty to hire our drivers as well or take a self drive contract. If you opt for the self drive, you will have to make sure insurance adequately covers your driver as a public service vehicle driver and that they also have all the necessary documents as required by law. Coach Hire Edinburgh cannot be held responsible for other staff other than our own employees. However, the coach you will hire from us will be well covered with the required licenses and insurance.

There are not many transport companies that offer a coach hiring service quite as we do at Coach Hire Edinburgh. That is the reason we have some businesses hire us on yearly contracts that are renewed every year.

Some things will influence the cost of hiring a 17 seater minibus hire and 18 minibuses; the number of crew members needed to assist the driver while transporting old or disabled people, whether you are hiring self drive or coach with a driver, any additional services other than the standard. We also request our clients to book well in advance so that there is enough time to make further changes or add special service appliances.

Coach Hire Edinburgh has offices in Edinburgh in Scotland, and we invite you to drop-in the next time you want to book a 17 seater minibus hire and 18 minibus hire for a trip from or to Edinburgh.

Please check out our website, it has more details on our services, and you can take the opportunity to chat live with one of our agents. Alternatively, we are just a phone call away and will be delighted to attend to your queries on the phone as well.

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