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19 and 20 Seat Minibus Hire Edinburgh

19 20 Seat Edinburgh Minibus Hire

The 19-Seater minibus hire and 20 seat coach hire is a specialized coach service provided by Coach Hire Edinburgh for companies and clubs within Edinburgh and its environs.

Many businesses, schools, and sports clubs often face the dilemma of taking their teams on tour without overspending on big coaches that are associated with big clubs. A coach that will take your fifteen players plus the trainers and officials will cost less than and provide a more intimate environment for the players to communicate with each other.

Our 19 and and 20 seat coach hire fleet come in three categories standard, executive, and luxury. All our drivers for the three types of coaches are qualified to drive public service vehicles. Coach Hire Edinburgh also makes sure to train all our drivers and crew members in the acceptable, professional manner to interact with their customers.

Your comfort and quality trips are guaranteed when you come to travel with us. Our coaches come with soft leather, reclining seats fitted with lap or three-point seatbelts. For your entertainment on board, there is a DVD player, and you are free to choose or play your own music.

For storage of your luggage, there is ample room in the boot and inside on the overhead storage compartments for those small carry-on bags with private and fragile items. We also offer trailers for large bags that will not fit in the available storage space.

Extra comfort comes from the offer of a hot drink during the journey, a fridge on board to chill your drinks and an overhead heat control system to keep you warm when the weather is cold. Free Wi-Fi makes provides access to the world through the internet, allowing you to send selfies and keep your friends and relatives posted on your progress. Those needing to keep in touch with the office will find this service invaluable.

On Security, all our coaches are insured comprehensively and also tracked using the GPS satellite monitoring system. This system ensures that anywhere, anytime, Coach Hire Edinburgh can tell what is happening to any particular coach on the road. We also receive the location of the coach and whether it is stationary and for how long, the speed the driver is driving at and other valuable diagnostic data from the engine. This information allows us to maintain our coaches in tip top conditions at all times. Also, in the case of a breakdown, our drivers can contact the office through the tracking system for help in case the coach is in an area without an internet connection. This tracking system makes our coaches very reliable.

All our 19-seater mini coach hire and 20 seat coach hire vehicles are maintained by our own team of professional mechanics. The drivers and mechanics are supervised by professional engineers who make sure all runs smoothly in that department.

Company policy expects everyone who works for Coach Hire Edinburgh to be always well groomed and smartly dressed in company branded uniform with a nametag either pinned or on a chain. The nametags provide our clients with staff identity, so they can report by name anyone whose service did not please them. We also encourage our clients to commend those who give excellent service by name to help in boosting their morale and encourage good work.

To book our 19-seater minibus hire and 20 seat coach hire or to request a personal viewing, please feel free to contact; we are located in Edinburgh, Scotland. You can also find our website online, where you can fill in a booking form. A company representative will get back to you within 24 hours.

Be sure to book well in advance, at least two weeks before the date of travel as our 19-seater mini coach hire and 20 seat coach hire coaches are busy to avoid disappointments.

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