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Mini Coach Hire Edinburgh

Mini Coach Hire Edinburgh

Whether you are from Scotland or not, a trip to Edinburg is worth every effort. There are plenty of recreational facilities for you to explore and relax. You will enjoy exploring Edinburgh on foot. Holyrood Park and Arthur's Seat offers breathtaking views. A stroll down Queen's Drive will give you the opportunity to behold the wildlife at Duddingston Loch, Dunsapie Loch, and St Margaret's Loch.

The water of Leith gives you chance to enjoy a peaceful experience trough a 12 miles walk. Places like Haymarket and Juniper Green offers you an option to drop off the walk when you have had enough.

Mini coach hire Edinburgh has a solid reputation in and around the city for seamless transportation of coachloads and small groups. Our past clients glowing reviews will give you an idea of what to expect when you choose us as your service provider. We provide services that will meet your needs to the latter. All you need to do is share your itinerary with us.

Our carriers are always in the best condition. We have a team of experienced and passionate car engineers in charge of the vehicle's maintenance. They use the latest state of the art equipment to pick anomalies in their initial stages. None of our vehicles have reported a breakdown or an accident through all our years of service.

In the wake of insecurity, we are keen to keep you safe. GPS tracking devices fitted in all the cars help us keep you on our radar. We will trace you wherever you go and come to your rescue with help if there is a need. Through technology, we have modern tools on board that makes internal communication easy and efficient. We carry out intensive background checks on all our staff to ensure that no one compromises security we put in place from inside.

If you are visiting Edinburgh from a different country, consider our airport pick up services. We organize for a meet and greet services if you wish. Do not worry about the timings. We liaise with the airlines to get the actual timing of the plane. Regardless of the changes in schedule, we will be there waiting. Our company policy dictates that all carriers should arrive at their pickup point at least thirty minutes before the trip begins. This allowance gives passengers ample time to board and settle in their seats well in advance.

You will notice the experience our drivers of our minibus hire and coach hire display in dealing with coach loads. In the industry, we lead in customer relations. Any new member of the team goes through a rigorous training in customer care to ensure that we offer consistent and quality service to all our clients. Our team will attend to you with a smile and happy to help attitude. The drivers are all residents and know the area too well hence will get you to your destination within the shortest time possible.

We believe in comfort and convenience on the go. All our units are made to give our passengers maximum comfort through the trip. The seats are recliners and allow you to get the position you find most comfortable as you travel. We have ample space inside of the units. They are well ventilated to allow for air circulation and natural movement in the carriers.

Since people are all different, our packages might not capture some unique needs. We are flexible and ready to meet you at your point of need. Share your itinerary with us at the earliest time possible to enable us plan for you. If there is something that you feel will make your life easier on the road, talk to us.

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