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25 and 26 Seater Coach Hire Edinburgh

25 and 26 Seat Edinburgh Coach Hire

Coach Hire Edinburgh is a professionally run transport company that handles all types of travel needs. For all your social and official travel, trust us to deliver pristine transport service without having to charge you more. We have simply taken transport services to a world-class status where all our customers can have a taste of excellent customer service.

We will offer you transport services to weddings, graduation parties, and birthday functions and even to bid farewell to your loved ones. All you have to do is give us a call or just make your booking via our website. If you have some time, you can also visit our offices in Edinburgh, and we can compare notes.

We have invested in different types of coaches to suit all groups of people. If you are coming over for a football tournament, let transport services be the least of your worries. You can settle for our 25 seater or the 26 seater coach hire and enjoy impeccable transportation services.

We are flexible, and our drivers will always fit in your schedules. Once you have served us with your itinerary, we shall be glad to do what we do best; delivering transport services with a difference.

All our executive coaches come with luxurious extras to make your journey enjoyable and comfortable. We have fitted them with soft leather seats. The seats ensure we can observe hygiene and keep the coaches in good condition for your use.

They also have reclining seats. If you have been enduring discomfort during your travel due to space in between the seats, with Coach Hire Edinburgh that will be a thing of the past. The reclining seats will give you the flexibility you need to adjust your seat in whichever position you desire.

Luggage is part of travelers. Since we understand this, we have dedicated ample space to fit all your travel bags. We have also ensured that the storage compartments are conveniently located just above your seat for easy accessibility.

For travelers with delicate items, we have taken care of your needs. All our executive coaches have storage compartments for fragile items. Therefore, just place your precious items in them and enjoy your journey.

At Coach Hire Edinburgh, you will enjoy your drinks just the way you love them. Once you buy your drinks, use our fridges available in all the coaches to keep them chilled.

For all your electronic gadgets such as cell phones, laptops, and tablets, we have power sockets to ensure you stay connected throughout your journey. Therefore carry your charger and just plug in.

We will keep you entertained throughout your journey; you wouldn't even realize you have been on the road for a long time. With our DVD players, you can enjoy your favorite music. We have a broad selection of music collected across all the genres to give you variety and endless entertainment.

We also have free WIFI on board. If you left office without replying to important emails, worry not. Use our WIFI and keep your work moving seamlessly.

If you are scheduled to travel during the night, we shall ensure you stay warm throughout the journey. Our coaches come with overhead heaters. Therefore, all you have to do is switch on the heater and enjoy the warmth.

Our customer service is excellent, and we listen to all your issues and guarantee satisfaction. Our booking procedure takes a short period after which you will receive confirmation of your booking and the type of coach suitable for your group.

Give us the pleasure of serving you by booking your coach today with Coach Hire Edinburgh and enjoy transport services with a difference.

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