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57 Seat Coach Hire in Edinburgh

57 Seat Edinburgh Coach Hire

Edinburgh is Scotland's capital city located in Lothian and is the second most populated town in Scotland. It hosts the seat of the monarchy and Scottish Parliament. Edinburgh is home to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. There is plenty of activities and areas to visit in the town. If you are visiting Edinburgh for the first time, create a chance to visit Edinburgh's Princess Street for a unique shopping experience. This is among few towns globally that have stores on one side of the street, and breathtaking views. Renown brands like Debenhams, Zara, M&S, House of Frasers and Jenners have their stores in Old Town cityscape. Apple Store is conspicuously present to serve tech enthusiasts.

Coach Hire Edinburgh has 57 Coach Hire units to cater for large bus loads. It comes with large windows making it a well-ventilated vehicle that is comfortable to travel in despite the distance. Even with children on board, you will appreciate the free air circulation. With AC units, the temperature is constant. It is warm enough during winter and adequately cool for summer trips. There is enough room for the tallest person to walk in and travel in utmost comfort. You have the option to tilt the seat to your preferred position as the seats are recliners.

All the units are in perfect condition as our car engineers carry out numerous sessions of diagnosis of the vehicles using state of the art equipment. Anomalies are always detected in their primary stages before extensive damage occurs. As per manufacturer's advice, the cars undergo regular service as per the schedule. After every trip, a rigorous check on the car follows before it is made available for the next hire.

Not everyone can handle groups as well as our drivers. Team travels can easily get out of hand due to the level of excitement. We handpick drivers that have outstanding soft skills alongside hard skills and solid experience. Many clients are happy with our services going by the sterling reviews on our pages. Since the drivers are residents and know Edinburgh very well, you will spend minimum time on the road. As a measure to ensure that pick-ups and drop-offs are prompt, our drivers get to the venues thirty minutes before departure to allow passengers adequate time to board and settle. Once admitted, we take our staff through a rigorous client relation training. The drivers undergo further training in first aid, basic mechanic and defensive driving. When on board, rest assured you are in competent hands, possibly the best.

We commit to providing the best products in the industry and varied options to meet their needs. Our luxury fleet has many extra features on board to make your travel experience as seamless as possible. We have washrooms on board, modern entertainment units that will keep you entertained and fridge to facilitate drinks that are chill enough to your preference during summer. Overhead heaters keep the passengers on board warm in winter.

With technology running most of the aspects of life and business in general, we are keen to offer you convenient services. For booking, once you log on to our user-friendly website, just follow the prompts which are straight forward. Our interface is compatible with most of the devices. All you need is an internet connection. We accept most of the global cards but check with us before hand to confirm if your card is acceptable. Coach Hire Edinburgh provide the most competitive rates in town with the best services. All our payment options are secure, and your card details are safe with us. Look no further.

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